Corporate Philosophy

“We are committed to opening a new era of the manufacturing industry by employing innovative ideas and advanced information technologies,  and we always grow along with the development of the manufacturing industry.”

Everyone has hidden unlimited potential.
We aim to reveal and express everyone’s potential in the form of “EX.”
EXciting life, EXcellent work, growing up into a skilled EXpert. These are some of the many “EX” we constantly create.
And all these “EX” gathered together to form the shape of us, EX.

Since its establishment, EX corporation has been aiming to contribute to solutions of management tasks and on-the-spot improvements by developing and offering manufacturing management software and solutions. We also possess “EX” acquired from boundless EXploration that leads our clients and us to the future.

To improve productivity and EXpand growth of everyone, we will continue to develop and improve systems and services that support and enhance the manufacturing industry along with “EX” and lead our clients to the future.