EXtelligence EDIFAS

Cloud-based EDI Service

Cloud-based EDI and Strategic Supply-Chain Management Service

EDIFAS is a cloud-based EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) service that enables you to build a supply chain system at low cost and in a short period of time. It is one of the services provided within the intellectual platform “EXtelligence” and the starting point of a so-called “connected factory” that supports SCM (Supply Chain Management), B2B, IoT, etc. Not only companies that have implemented our manufacturing management system Factory-ONE MF, but also companies that are using core systems of other companies and companies that have not implemented any system yet can use CSV and API integrations (optional) and make full use of EDI functions such as quotation, ordering, purchase and sales orders, shipping, etc.

Some of the EDIFAS features:

  • Use functions of both supplier and buyer sides at an affordable price.
    *Registration is required per each user company.
  • You can use free version known as EXtelligence EDIFAS Free which only includes sales order, order reply and billing import functions.
  • You can get started with free 2 month trial and then change to the full version.
  • No need to download software or set up an environment: EDIFAS is accessed directly from the browser.
  • Since EDIFAS is paid monthly, you can start using it directly after getting subscribed for it as well as cancel subscription at any time.
  • In order to provide a great user experience, we’ve designed and created intuitive and simple interface.
  • Both buyers and suppliers that are using core systems of other companies can also make full use of EDI functions such as ordering, receiving, shipping, etc. by using CSV and API integrations (optional).

Download the product brochure and learn more about EXtelligence EDIFAS features and how can they benefit your business.

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If you need some help, you can inquire us by using “Contact us” button when logged into EXtelligence platform. Our representatives will help you as soon as possible regarding your inquiry.


Storage Repository Option

If the storage volume exceeds 3 GB, it can be increased by additional 5GB (up to 18GB). By the time of application, if data is stored within the disk capacity, it will be retained.


API function

This service enables seamless integration with other systems and is offered to developers. Note that in case of integration with Factory-ONE, this function is not necessary.

Agent Function

Based on timer settings, automatically uploads or downloads CSV files from/to a designated folder. Can also monitor whether Agent function works properly or not. Agent is installed on the Client device.

System Requirements for Client Device

OS Windows10, Windows Server2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019
CPU Intel Core i series or other identical or later CPU (Core i5 or later versions are recommended)
Memory 8Gb or more is recommended
Disk size 10Gb or more is recommended
Display 1366×768 or higher (1920×1080 is recommended)
Framework Java 10.0.1 JRE, Codeer.Friendly, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1, Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable
ExcelExcel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016, Excel 2019
Database Oracle12c/18c/19c, PostgreSQL10/11/12/13, Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014/2016/2017/201, MySQL 5.6/5.7/8.0
BrowserChrome70.0 or later versions, Internet Explorer11, Microsoft Edge 80(Chromium) or later versions