Our Partner Program

EX corporation is committed to building and maintaining long-term partnerships and expanding partner networks within Japan and globally as we strongly believe that partnership is one of the essential elements of our business success.

Having a wide partner network in Japan and numerous partner companies in countries such as Thailand, China, Vietnam, etc., we continually look for opportunities to team up with more companies all over the world in order to deliver value and the best solutions to customers through cooperating and sharing our expertise and know-how with our partners, thus, leading our customers as well as our partners and ourselves to success.

By establishing a partnership with us, you will gain the option to sell, promote, implement, customize, support our offers and solutions or do all as our Business Partner. At the same time, you will gain the opportunity to enter the Japanese IT market with your own products and offers if they align with our domestic customers’ needs and meet some requirements.

If you wish to build a partnership with us, please kindly fill out the form from the link below, and our representative will contact you and discuss the details of our partner program. Please note that it may take several days to contact you regarding a partnership request.